Welcome to Cowboy Single Action Shooting on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

The purpose of the Club is to promote an interest in Cowboy Action Shooting, host regular competitions on the North Olympic Peninsula, under the Single Action Shooting Society rules (SASS). To encourage firearm safety and education among its members, and to have fun!


1. Always be safe.
2. There is no target so big or so close it canʼt be missed nor a stage so simple it                         canʼt be procedured.
3. You canʼt miss fast enough to win.
4.If you donʼt miss once in a while, youʼre not trying hard enough.
5. Nothing ever goes so wrong that it canʼt get worse.
6. NEVER ask a shooter,”How could you miss that target?” Surely, this same fate awaits you when your turn comes...

7. Help out on your posse chores.

8. Thou shalt always check the index and count the number of rounds in all revolvers and all rifles before leaving the loading table.

9. Remember the Counters Creed:
If itʼs a hit, itʼs a hit. 
If itʼs a miss, itʼs a miss
If you THINK itʼs a hit, itʼs a hit.
If you THINK itʼs a miss, itʼs a hit.

10. Remember always; win or lose, this is a game. If your not having fun, check yourself, or go home...

By Frederick Jackson Turner, SASS # 28271 Published in the Cowboy Chronicle, Sept. 2004

Code of the West




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